Monday, December 17, 2012


Talk about a Trap Music overflow this weekend! But as they say, one weekend is never enough. This was by far the craziest party we have ever thrown & we really hope all you that came out for it enjoyed it! Shouts to all the homies that flew in for this shit, as well as all our special guests, performers, and beautiful booty clappers! Hahaha I guess the next party we throw can only mean one thing...

Shit got so crazy I shit you not, I had to personally run and get Juicy J a mic 2 minutes before his performance lmao. He had a early flight to catch to MIA so we didn't get to smoke out with him, but shit he took all the blunts & a bottle of Blue Sapphire!

Special thanks to our Sponsors Red Bull & Conjure Cognac for making the night a little extra special. And if you want to see the pics you took online from the YoroKobi Photobooth you can see them by clicking HERE! Our lovely friends from The Streets Are Calling also just hit us with some holy shit raw coverage from Saturday night in case you missed it, we hope you all enjoy. Pics & more to cummm!

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Reggie said...

damn them girls don't play with that trap steez. throw a juicy j jumpoff in nyc pleez