Monday, November 26, 2012


We've come a long way from AOL & "cyber sex" (not really) but shit, a lot of you wanted to know if we were gonna give you a nice little promo code for Cyber Monday! Initially we weren't cause a) we're so backed up on orders from Black Friday & the days before that, and b) shit, we're spent & I know all you want that Winter Murder Collection! But we love you, and wanted to give you guys who may have been caught up doing family shit or raiding a Wal-mart somewhere a chance to still get a nice little deal from us today!

AWwwWWww SHIT so here goes! Use code CYBERSEX at checkout for 35% OFF your entire order! 24 hours only! GO GADGET GO!

Oh and we booked Trinidad James for a show in January. Creep ya eyes peeled bitches!

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Anonymous said...

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