Monday, September 24, 2012


Good fucking morning! Did everyone enjoy their weekend?! We can't talk (or show lol) everything that went down but here's some pretty & fun moments from the now outdated iPhone 4S as well as a rock classic to get ya blood moving!

One word to describe the last 72 hours? Fucking crazy! 7 hour road trip to LA from SF to handle some biznass leading to a birthday bash with Chip-set & Alysha Nett...ending up somewhere in a pool pretty much naked in a Beverly Hills mansion...crashing somewhere Downtown...then cruising to Laguna for the first time. That place is so nice...and white! Shit, I hate rich people. Why do they have to be!

Always a pleasure to be chillin' in LA though. Warm weather, rad sunsets and too many bad bitches! Meanwhile, everyone in SF was so excited about their 75 degree weather & the Folsom Street fair. Which is funny for a place that never experiences East coast winters. Damn pansies. Next stop is Boston this Friday to see some more homies gettin' murried! Hated of the World fam can't wait to see you! Enjoy the week creeps & creepettes loving the Creepstagrams keep em cummin!

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