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Who is Milli Mars? Well, if you didn't know you will really soon! The only intro I'm going to give you is that he is a dope MC hailing Texas about to fucking take over. Something raw. Something new. Something real. Yep. We had the rad opportunity to ask Milli a few questions to see a few things that made him click. Enjoy!

1. What's up Milli Mars! How's it hanging these days?
Life is ill.. Just been keeping up with how the government wants to kill us all and working on up and coming projects.. Next album is about done videos N the works and banging chicks in Creep Street shirts.

2. Miguel is a cool ass dude. How did you link up with the Ghostpizza camp?
My producer ( CJ ) and him knew each other before hand my man Ghost happen to hear Wat we were doing.. I mean wen u know u know. After that the rest was history.

3. I got a special love for San Antonio. Is that where you were born and raised?
Born and raised in SA I moved to VA Beach as a child for a few years totally different world out there Texas is where my heart is tho.

4. What makes Texas better than any other state?
Tacos and I fuckin love Hispanic women sooo.. Yea and tons of niggas rap like they from here so we must be doing something right.

5. Tell us about your upbringing & a little bit about your family. Do you have any other musical talents in your bloodline?
Confused.. Never met my real pop didn't learn that till just last year. Randomly came to see my mother and she told me while she was drunk...If I didn't have music and marijuana I would rob banks

6. How about growing up? Were you a troublemaker? High School? College life?
Kicked out of high school a couple of times never quite made it to ivy league status.. Sad Harvard was always a dream of mine.. Haha

8. Favorite Album of all time?
Not going to say my favorite but The Score by the Fugees I jam it about everyday.

9. How has rap changed your life? When did you decide that this was your true passion?
It didn't just change my life it gave me one.. before this I ran wild wit no structure. No idea where id be.

10. Let's cut into it. The video for Alarm was dope. It was also produced by Abteen Bagheri (of A$AP: Pesos notoriety). What was great about working with him? I also think the meat market was a tight setting, did you ever work in one?

 Never worked in a meat market the vid was cool my nigga Ghost found all the locations.

11. So I gotta ask what does YMID stand for?
YMID means (Young Millz Is Dead) and old rap name.. it just defines a major change in my life that had to be made.

13. Holly has bit of Sleigh Bells laced in the mix - are you a fan of their music? Love that shit!
Sleigh bells is fuckin ill.. yes became a fan I believe every artist should know who they are sampling.. Cj keeps me informed on the old the new the guys ear is Robotic.

14. Talk about NIOSA, a most excellent track to end the mixtape by the way...
Niosa took the longest to record I didn't want to just make a Texas
Song it had to mean something for my city even went back to study the history of SA and thought fuck.. Why am I researching I am SA we embody this shit just went in. It came out dope

15. The South has a long list of heavy hitters in the hip hop genre. A lot of people might pool you with many of the younger rappers taking over the scene these days. You have a specific unique underground sound that I really dig. Crazy synths & the production is tight. Do you do it all yourself?
My producer and myself are the only ones in the studio as far as the recording process.. We have an engineer Mike.. All my niggas in house shit want to keep an organic sound

16. You're doing a shit load of shows these days too. I'm sure it's keeping you busy! How have things been compared to when you first started building your fan base?
Crowd grows each show in our city it shows me fully if u make potent shit there is nothing to worry about we have a rawness that we will never let up on which will keep our fans more then satisfied

17. Next major city you're hyped about performing in? Talk about your upcoming projects. New mixtape/album in the works?!
We are touring this month if I'm not mistaken.. The new album will be some end all shit music vid in the works..Next major city I'm hyped about.. Got to be NY. I dig chicks wit attitudes and bamboo earrings.

19. Is there a special lady/ladies in your life? The chicks need to know...
I'm single.

20. You're truly a talented cat. I'm glad I got this interview in. Any advice for the youngins trying to make it big in the industry?
Let's see any advice on the road to riches.. Stay high as possible, whatever that may mean for you.. Just do you.


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