Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Back in Los Angeles for the week to shoot some sexy Frisky Business flicks, see my homies, and watch another one of them get hitched! The madness never stops! Nobody wants to let me launch the damn shop! ;P

How do you know you're getting older?! Cause every fucking person you know is getting married! But it's nice to see your homies making moves & settling with a dope girl. Can't keep getting n00dz from strangers! Or can you? Ah Marriage. It really makes you think...shit, how long can I keep this Creep shit up?! The answer is: Forever! The future Mrs. Creep Street has no idea what she's gotten herself into! Oh and I get to see my favorite girl this week as we get her back into some Creep Street Frisky Business!

You'll can thank us later!

Alysha Nett always doing big things (nothing new)! I'm sure most of you follow her on the internet but it you don't I can understand why you must frown so much in life. We stay supporting this rad chic! I'll try to take a nice pic of her butt for ya on Instagram! ;)

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