Friday, June 01, 2012


Been a while since I've done a Faded Streets post. But shit, it's Faded Friday & I'm celebrating! Thanks to this past Memorial Day weekend where the creeps went in hard last Friday on some sketchy trap shit (which we will not speak about), this week has been nothing but weird smooth sailing poetry. Fellow Faded homie Jason the Delisandwich is in town this weekend too so it'll be good to get some East coast flava up in this bitch. Speaking of –  it's good to know my East Coast fam is still killing it! Getting fucking excited I'm heading back in 4 weeks! Boston + NYC takeover!

Here's my favorite shit from the past few weeks:

 FRIENDSHIP! Hahaha poor dude is planking on a million! Mola is nice with sticky traps!
BLVD Boston also shot a new promo with Robby & Brett!

Kevin Coakley - Gap to Nosegrind//
Published in Lowcard Mag Issue #43 Shot by my favorite son little Rob Collins.

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commodore sixty four said...

awesome! you guys are all whoo hoo n' shit