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Today's Music Mondays post is a proud unveiling of not only one of our craziest brand advocates, but something extra monstrous, extra unique, extra hardcore, extra creepy! After about a thousand exchanged emails the Creeps welcome Johnny Mutante to the Filthy Few™ family! This is perhaps one of the biggest interviews we've ever done cuz this maniac has some big fucking plans in the works (and a lot to say). So grab a brew & learn about this fool, you might have a new appreciation for the real underground rap scene scene in Germany. A power pack of talented flows, attitude, and a creepy vision Mr. Johnny Mutante is Creep Street muthafuckin' approved!

Who the fuck is Johnny Mutante you ask?! Well my friends, that is a great question!

1. They call me: Johnny Motherfuckin' Mutante.
2. I get money by: stealin' granny´s bags.
3. I rock: retirement homes from here to Kandahar/ Afghanistan.
4. I eat: human flesh. If you understand German, listen to my latest song "STIRRRBBB!", the lyrics contain a nice recipe for crusty leg bacon.
5. I can: mutate into any musical being I want to.
6. I will: poison your mind once you step into my world.
7. I love: a good ol Simon & Garfunkel record, when your playing it in your car system, while being hunted by at least 30 police cars.
8. I hate: individuals who act like bitches. I'm talking about the dumb and dishonest kinda bitches.
Not the "I show my titties to you cause that's my capital" kinda bitches.
9. I take: your money. Not a dime, but everything. Even your college fund for little Jack and tiny Elizabeth.
10. Creep Street is: a brand that perfectly fits to what I stand for.

1. Tell me about yourself. Real unique question, I know! What is the Mutant Movement, and which grave did the Johnny Mutante name rise from? More importantly, who the fuck is Johnny Mutante?!

Back in the day, I worked as a DJ at a radio station in Hamburg/ Germany, calling myself "Senior Mutante". Why? I honestly dunno. I think I got it from "Accion Mutante", a band that was really famous in certain circles in those times. Anyway, my life constantly moved to rap music and back from it. I started when I was 16, had some little success, but fell in love with punk rock and hardcore when i was 18. I played guitar and sang in bands, although I could neither sing nor play any instrument. That might have been also be the reason why I only played one show. Whatever. When everything went totally fucked up in my life in my early twenties, I found back to rap, I understood that this was the only proper channel to express myself. I quit the DJ job, thought about a all-american name, and "Johnny" was a good choice to start harassing people with my useless raps.

Nah, that was a lie. In fact, I had a spiritual encounter with Mr. T of the A-Team and the Based God at the same time. We discussed a bunch of issues regarding the development of the world and decided in a democratic ballot that i should mutate into Johnny Mutante. They were angry about Chuck Norris and told me I should give testemony to the world that he can't pick a lock with a 29 1/2 foot pole made out of water.

So, to answer your question: Johnny Mutante is a rad Rapper who currently resides in Germany.

The Mutant Movement is both a collective of creatives and of people, who call themselves Mutants and rep what we call MUTANTSWAG. We consist of everyone who can identify with our believe, which is not to believe. We only want you to use your own mind – a contradiction to all the plastic shit that dictates you what you're supposed to think, to wear, to eat. You don't need to listen to rap music, you don't need to do any shit. Just be a honest dude, take care of your fellow mutants and do whatever the fuck you want. Anyone can be a mutant, as long as you feel like one.

On the creative side, we are a bunch of people from all over the world who do certain kinds of shit. The Mutant Movement UK is represented by Predz UK, who is a very talented Rapper from the crypts of London (some people say his Great-Grandfather is Jack the Ripper). He has done shit with Miss Dynamite, the BBC, Chipmunk and his latest Mixtape "Versatile" has sold more units than the cheese in Wal-Mart. Or Tesco, thats what they have in England. The Mutant Movement Scotland is repped by Scotland Standup, a bunch of dudes who do a lot for the Scottish rap scene, such as hosting concerts, releasing records, linkin' people up, stuff like that. In the US of A we have Drew Powers from Detroit, a young fella who produces dope shit. The Mutant Movement United Lakes Of Fire consists of me, Johnny Mutante, Broken Bones, who produces beats that beat people up and The Mutants, who are like the S1W of Public Enemy – hypemen, but the grimy kinda people you dont want to see at your son's birthday party.

2. Where were you originally born, and what city do you currently rep? Out of all the places you've lived, which would you say you enjoyed most & why?

I was originally born in Germany, but my mother is from Morocco. I don't rep a city, I rep the Mutant Movement. I grew up in a village so small, that you can call it the backyard of civilization. There, I felt stuck and trapped and simply went crazy. I had to move out to the biggest city possible. When I turned 18, I had my first chance to move out & lived in Cologne and Berlin. My aim was always to end up in Hamburg, which was the city of my dreams. I loved the rap scene over there. I also loved the mentality and the fact that it was so close to the sea. People from Hamburg, speaking in clich├ęs, are very cold-blooded and short-spoken – but once you become friends with them, they stay with you til death.

Moving to Hamburg meant everything to me and I had the greatest time of my life to date while there. Everything happens at anytime. The city has tuff parts though because so many rich people live there and the city does everything to keep 'em, but at the same time, it's probably the greatest playground for a "survivalist" that exists in the world. The rap scene is still very alive. There's a shitload of other Hip Hop stuff that takes place in most areas. People just let go and treat you with respect. Home is where the heart is they say, and that's where my heart is.

Fuck, that answer was pathetic.

3. Tell us a little about your personal life. Do you like your family? Do you have pets? Do you have a ex-girlfriend that refuses to stop texting you?

I have a mid-sized fish tank with Guppies, which are my friends and I stalk every time I want to calm down. But I never saw 'em fuckin', nor did I see a birth process, which is kinda interesting with those fishes because they give birth like humans do. Minus the blood and placenta. Despite that, I refuse to have any other kinds of pets, because when I had 'em, they always died. Since we're having a personal conversation here, I confess the following: I'm responsible for the deaths of a parakeet, a canary, a scottish Bobtail, a cat and more then 20 fishes. Its not like that I treated 'em bad (PETA, stop the campaign), it's know....uuhmm.... yeah, they were sweet and now they're gone.

All my ex-girlfriends refuse not to stop not texting me – and I can really understand that.

4. It's apparent Horror is a major inspiration in your visuals & your music. Your knowledge is quite impressive as well. Tell us which what started it all for you, and how scary movies, horror/mutants/zombies etc. has effected/inspired you as a musical artist/lyricist.

All I know is that it started very early. I was a kid when I watched "The Silence of the Lambs", "It" by Stephen King and "Poltergeist", which made me pee in my pants. But everything changed when I borrowed "Braindead" on videotape from a friend. I was so thrilled and frightened while watching that flic, that since that day, I always tried to get this certain feeling back. It's like some kind of masochism, you know. You try to find out how far you can go until you go crazy.

For example, when we had computer class in school and they allowed us to "surf", most of my classmates where chatting and shit, but I was on I just love to dream and imagine shit, and while other people relate that to wizards and fairies, I try to imagine how everything will be when shit gets really fucked up. But I also love the horror genre for its visuals and aesthetics, mostly the stuff that was produced in the 80's, when this whole trash thing was alive.

That's why I also love CREEP STREET so much. You morons reflect that kinda shit in your designs. In the future, you'll see way more of my shit in that style, in logos, merchandise and stuff. As a lyricist, it would be too short-sighted to reduce me to that stuff, because my songs cover way more topics, but there is this dark side in me that always wants to find out how evil a man's mind can be. I study the evil side of mankind, simply because I'm fascinated by it. I even made songs from a serial killer's perspective, because I was so impressed by the thought process and the incidents it took to become a really, really horrible individual of epic proportions.

If something really stuns me, I express it in a song. I do it with everything that happens in my odd life. That's why I speak so much about shit that should never reach anyone's ear.

4b. What's your favorite gore/horror movie of all time?

Braindead. Forever.

5. Your English is damn perfect. Are all German rappers fluent in English? What's the Rap scene like in Germany these days & how do you see yourself differentiating/contributing from/to it?

I don't want to sound arrogant, but I don't think all rappers in Germany are fluent in English. Everything is synchronized into German over here, that's why most people learn English in school in the first place. People simply encounter the language in a different way, more like learning vocab instead of tryin to get a glimpse of the melody of the language.

The Rap scene in Germany is big these days. There's an increasingly diverse number of people who rap and produce beats. Although Germany has never really been the birthplace for new styles I guess, people take what they see in the USA and make it a local thang. That's what's also bad about the scene at the same time: you have a lot of biting. There's a German Souljah Boy, there's a German Tyler the Creator, there's a lotta wannabe German 2Pacs. The way I see it – they copy flows, aesthetics and appearances, which I think is very weak. What's special about me is that I'm not restricted. I rap to any kind of beat, whether it's some trap shit or slow tunes.

There is no "Johnny Mutante" sound. My music is more a reflection of what I like and have to say at that very moment. I don't just rap in German, also in English, plus I do use any little knowledge of foreign languages I have (French, Spanish...more to come). I also cover any kinda topic I feel worth talking about. 

I don't care if you place me in a certain category – I'd be sure to move to another one in a minute. I did shit with Beatdown bands, with Electropunk bands, with Jazz bands and so forth. Rap is my mothership, and I will never stop living in it, but I simply refuse to be "that kind of artist". When I'm on stage, I try to not just show you how fly I am, but to burn the house down. Embed in a liveshow, that is more like a panopticum or a cabinet of fear, with all kinds of weird characters showing up, like Mexican Wrestlers and Kung-Fu warriors.

My motto is: "Anything can happen any time". You can't define my sound, you have to check it out. I think that's why I'm special, because I'm a Mutant.

6. Have you been to the U.S.? What city do you like most, or would like to visit most? Are you inspired by any particular artists here, or do you think the culture just sucks here now? 

I have never been to the US and my goal in life is to make it both to New York and Los Angeles. I prefer New York, because I feel that place is like a birthplace to everything I love: Rap, the Hip Hop culture, lifestyle, radness, openness...everything. London is my little NYC, because thats how I imagine the Big Apple to be: a place where people from all over the world live together in a crazy city. Where things happen that are relevant to the whole world. I want to see Bowery and the Five Points in Manhattan, and the Bronx, where all the great artists I loved so much when I started to listen to rap came from. Fuck, I just wanna go there rite now!

I started to listen to Rap in the mid 90's, mostly East Coast stuff. The Notorious B.I.G. is my biggest inspiration to this day, but I was also very much down with the Wu-Tang, Slick Rick, Mos Def, A Tribe Called Quest, Redman, Erick Sermon, Guru, Beastie Boys, Nas. "Enter the 36 Chambers" was my first rap album and that kinda energy and ruffness basically is a frame for everything I do.

Nowadays? Fuck, so much stuff. There's just a few artists I dont like, honestly. "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" by Kanyeezy changed my mind, Rick Ross injected arrogance in my veins, Souljah Boy and Lil B made me laugh and wild the fuck out, Kendrick Lamar made me think about how things are...fuck I can go on about this for days.

7. What are your plans for the next few years, and where do you see yourself by 2020? 

You know, I simply want to make as an artist. You know, I don't dream or think like "I wish I could". I know that this is goin' to take place, because I want it that way. My determination is so strong, that I'm willing to wait years for this. That's my drive. Maybe it'll be after year 2020, maybe people start discovering my shit only after I've died, but that doesn't matter. I want to die knowing that I left footprints on earth and trust me – I will.

8. Speak to the Creeps about your upcoming shows & projects!

I will release three records this year. My three strikes start this summer when I release a mixtape called "Johnny Mutante presents: International Affairs". On it, you'll find Rap artists from all continents in the world rappin' in their native language. You''ll hear folks from India, South Africa, many places in Europe and shit, just to name a few. Every country that is featured is represented by one artist, current standing is 20 countries (Bizarre, former member of D12, reps the USA). I host the tape and also did two songs on that bitch, one is a collabo with da homie from the Mutant Movement UK, Predz UK, the other one is a solo tune.

This Fall I´ll drop a EP called "Tiefsee" (Deep Sea), a very introspective project I'm currently working on. That's because the beats are really crazy, partly smack-in-the-mouth kinda stuff, but also a lotta experimental stuff. I composed the intro, something I have never done before, but I simply couldn't find anything suitable that features Sitar sounds. This EP is supposed to be my personal "Yellow Submarine" – a mind's travel and a stoned reflection on how things are. Just don't think I turned into a Hippie. Please don't.

The third installment is going to be a mixtape that goes by the name of "The Genetically Modified Adventures of Johnny Mutante", that pops this winter, which is goin to be like my last Mixtape "Ritzeraps": a work exhibition. There won't be a bottom line or leitmotif, it's just goin' to be a collection of tunes, that should proove my ability to do any kind of music I want to. Just like I did it with my last mixtape.

I also thought a couple of times about releasing another mixtape called "Crap", with a cover that looks like the Cash Money Records covers in the 90's. You know, iced out doo-doo stains and tanks and dices and daimonds and me glowing like ET from outta space. The sub-line to the title will be "All Songs That Didn't Make It On Any Release Because I Feel Bad About 'Em". I'll probably drop this shit. I dunno when.

BUT THE REALLY THRILLING THING THIS YEAR is going to be my first commercial solo- single, which will be released by Def Jam/ The Island. They will sue me if I tell you anymore now, but its goin to be a fuckin' rad, I tell you what (Hillbilly voice).

9. What was the most memorable show you performed to date?

The craziest show was last year, when I performed at a University. We entered the location like a boss, with a white stretch limo, were then surrounded by cameras, filmed, photographed, interviewed and all that shit. A real rockstar experience. On top of that, my singer fell asleep during the show, because she was bummed out by her long travel to the location. And she was on pills because she was sick during that time. During one song, I had to throw up, because I hadn't eaten anything that day. But somehow that managed not to get loose. There have been so many other great shows, with people dancing to the Chibi Derf Song (check this out if you dont know Onision: ) and goin' bananas. I don't think there was ever a show that people didn't enjoy. You won't understand you'll just have to see it!

10. Any wild groupie story(ies)?

Groupies? Uuuhm, next question.

11. Any crazy real life ghost or scary stories?

I have a mirror cabinet in my bathroom that I got from the relatives of a dead old man. I never cleaned it, so his beard stubbles are still in there. I told you about my fishes, right? Some of them are suicidal, they use to jump out of the fish bowl and land in hidden corners of my room, where they become fishy leather. Some dude died in front of the house I currently live in, due to a heart attack. When I was a small boy, I saw a lot of scary things too. People moving in the dark whom weren't there, I'd also hear my father snore right in my ear at night,  even though he was rooms away – bedroom door closed.

I also thought you could see dead people trying to talk you thru turned-off TVs.

12. Any special hidden talents?

Hidden talents................weeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllll. I have a third eye that tells me what kind of dude you are, before you open your mouth. I also have an instinct for people who watch or stare at me and I love turning around and looking crazy into their eyes to frighten them. But, despite that, I'm capable of things I think anyone is able to. Like changing water to pee, walkin' over water and spreadin' my wings and flying awayaheyheyheyheyhey!

13. Do big guys get more loving?

You fuck callin' me big guy? Nah, just kiddin'. Big guys don' get more loving, because not everyone is willing to share their flesh with them. An important note to all the big guys: only because you´re fat and ugly doesnt mean that you have to step down your expectations or change your taste. Stay patient. But I personally try half-hearted to move out of the troubled big guy group....wait....why the fuck am I answering this?

14. Where can people stay updated on your music, projects and developments?

Ch- Ch- Check me out on da Soundcloud: You can find my visuals at MUTANTELEVISION, a nice likkle YouTube-Channel, My Facebook Page and my Homepage – constantly informing you about whats poppin, updates are written both in english and German. And If you want to learn more about the Mutant Movement, check this out: I do tweet @johnnymutante, post intimidating pictures on Tumblr and you can ask me whatever you want on Formspring.

You see, I offer many opportunities for you to dig deeper into my world full of pain and Nyan Cats.

15. Any last words for the Creeps & Creepettes?

I just want you Creeps to know that I am very proud to represent Creep Street™ in Germany. Make sure you sneak into my shit, get in touch and stay tuned. But most of all, make up your own mind, be a critical individual and don't allow others tell you what you're supposed to do.

Be a Mutant.  

Mutant fuckin' Movement til they call the coroner.

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