Monday, June 11, 2012


"This is the worse pile of shit ever. I fucking love it."

Hahahaha this video already gots the internets going! Love it or hate it, this is some TRIPPY shit. L$D (Lesbian Satanic Druglordz lol) is Krey-krey, Tragik, Grimes & Blood Diamonds & they just fucked your day up! But most importantly, support our homie Lady Tragik! One of those most talented & hardworking cats in the industry. We got a rad little project coming out together for ya too! L.A. you were good to me! Hope to catch up with the folks I didn't see on this short trip soon. I also proposed to Miss Crash & Jane Jett stuffed a eggplant up my ass. My butt still hurts.

Stay Creepy bitches!
xo Ladykiller

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