Monday, May 21, 2012


Okay I couldn't help but name the post after a great song obviously for it's tragic irony. Well, it was either that or Stayin' Alive, you pick! Like really, talk about irony! This Music Mondays post is dedicated appropriately to whom I believe to be one of the greatest damn bands that graced our presence. I don't give what the fuck you say, if you don't like the Bee Gees you can go fuck yourself! Even makes me think about the first time I watched Saturday Night Fever as a kid...who would have thought dancing in tight white pants & platform shoes could be fucking manly right?

Damn you Travolta! Also need I remind you your parents were grinding & getting naughty in the clubs to a lot of this shit too hahaha!

So as you may have heard, Robin Hugh Gibb, one of the three singing brothers of the Bee Gees, died Sunday at the age of 62 from cancer complications. There ain't ever gonna be another disco era (could be a good thing lol), and there ain't ever gonna be another group's distinct sound that can comes close to these brothers. It's also funny to think they would write this damn following song & that one day I would spend 6+ years of my living in Massachusetts & now San Francisco! WTF...

I'll end this emo ass post with lyrics from another one of my favorite songs of theirs...makes me want to be nicer to girls & shit.

Nobody gets too much heaven no more
It's much harder to come by
I'm waiting in line
Nobody gets too much love anymore
It's as high as a mountain
And harder to climb


And no I didn't forget about you Donna Summer, you Disco Queen you! Your Hot Stuff made a lot of women Work Hard for The Money, especially the Bad Girls. See what I did there? LaDonna Adrian Gaines (dope ass name) passed away this past Thursday from lung cancer at the age of 64. Alright, no more Creep Street posts about musicians dying for a while, shit is making me depressed. Back to work! <3

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commodore sixty four said...

R.I.P. they were a good band even before the saturday night fever craze "lonely days" is a great tune