Sunday, May 13, 2012


Isn't mom the best?!

Ladies (and fellas)! Today is a rare moment to seriously reflect how much it's gonna suck when you become a mother because of what a horrible person you are at the moment. All that drug using & alcohol and random hooking up is really going to go over well when you're trying to teach your kid some values! I mean, our parents have done it – why the hell do you think they were such assholes growing up?! One can only hope your children will learn from your mistakes! Hahaha! But on a serious note! If you haven't called her already, or sent her flowers, I guess it's never too late. A little gesture goes a long way for women. And for all those who may have lost theirs, this day is even more important. As for those who got fucked up grandma instead, she's always got shit on lock! On a funny note, my buddy Ricky thought it would be nice if I shared this with you creeps, and honestly it couldn't have been a better day to post it!

Shit who has the patience for that?! And who the hell is going to "express" their love by squeezing their breast milk for another child? And who the fuck is going to drink someone else's breast milk (other than me)?! If any of you women need assistance however, I am quite "handy" and will be more than happy to lend a helping "hand." Just in case things become a "handful." GET IT?!

Happy Mother's Day bitches! Tell ya momz I say hello! Seriously, she did alright with you! Thanks for being part of MY filthy family!

Boris the Ladykiller

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