Monday, April 23, 2012


Well it's time for the last Fucking Epic Sale of the Season! HELL YEA FUCKING RIGHT!

(Boris, you like Drake & Weezy?! Hell yea, hell yea, hell yea, fucking right I do!)

Man, you guys & gals & killed it for the Party All Night, Creep All Day season, hope you all were psyched! :) Apologies as we were seriously overwhelmed with love these past few weeks so there might be a slight lag in order arrivals but be patient – they shall arrive! And don't forget about the FARTIST PROJECT either! MENS & WOMENS Meeky & Ozzy tees are still available! The smaller and larger size got snatched up quick! Fuckit I put those joints on sale too (John don't kill me hahaha). Think I might as well add them to the main shop later to make your lives easier...

I'm kind of in a good mood right now, this weekend was kind of refreshing. Weird nonetheless, but refreshing haha! My best homie back in NY got jumped but woke up in the hospital with a fucking smile cuz he's a fucking gangsta, and we all have to congratulate co-founder Chip with his new job with the ENJOI Skate fam! Damn life is so fucking crazy but you know what, all's well that ends well. Must be that taste of Summer all in and around my mouth! Happy Monday too – Lurking While Ya' Working!! Actually I think she's Creeper Camming...

Drumroll por favor...And now for the Hell Yea Fucking Right Spring Clearance Sale!

All Tees are already $15.00, Fleece is $20.00 & all them other rad goodies marked down the lowest they've ever been, and that's fucking it! BUTT – just to sweeten this deal up even more we're giving you FREE SHIPPING! That's right you cheapass order as much shit as you want & shipping is still on us! Well, if you live in America that is. Sorry to our favorite UK & Aussie creeps! And since we're pretty much outta koozies, I'll throw in a FREE PARTY PACK with every order over $50.00!  

Still not enough?! 

Every order get's whatever stickers we got left, FREE SLAP BRACELET & BUTTON! Hell yea, hell yea, hell yea, hell yea, fucking right, fucking right (Weezy Voice) all right that's awesome! Seriously making room for late SPRING'/SUMMER madness to finally unveil itself! Sorry for the wait it's always better when you're fiening anyway!

FRISKY BUSINESS SS12 Collection Coming Soon!

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