Saturday, March 31, 2012


Ugh, slept at 5am last night, only to wake up at 3pm in the afternoon today...San Francisco is a weird ass city...super cool story bro! But now that I'm finally awake (and dressed) back to today's topic! Creep Street finally unveils most sensual overdue Creepette Kaia Bellanca! *_*

1. They call me Kaia
2. I get money by my ninja makeup skills and working the counter at a tattoo shop
3. I rock the panties right off the bitches
4. I eat pretty much everything
5. I can because I can
6. I will because I want to
7. I love boys with tattoos
8. I hate Palin bumper stickers
9. I take naps
10. Creep Street is the JAM!

Kaia Bellanca is from Dallas, Texas and when she isn't being a babe she's busy making other babes hotter with her make-up artistry. She's even worked on our lovely Hattie & Alysha Nett! Most of you creeps are probably like Boris – she has no hair! And I'm like, guess what? I fucking love it! I know I'm always late with my Creepette posts but as you can tell I will never disappoint... :)

Lurk it hard, lurk it good. 

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