Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Happy heart day fuck faces! Hope all you lovely ladies got small tokens of affections from the shitty man in your life that you are hopelessly in love with! As for my homies – here's a Titty Tuesdays Special from Rosie & friend I think shot last year that I'm sure you'll enjoy equally as much today! HAVE A CRAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!

Thanks Ray for the Valentine! 

Hope you fellas bought something sexxxtra nice for your lady so she'll fuck you for another day and actually enjoy it this time! And if you didn't you are a lousy shithead that deserves to be single. Please note in America that this is the one time you can actually shower a girl you never talk to with flowers & candy & she won't suspect you of being a creep that secretly jerks off to her every night. This is also a great opportunity to well, get your special beezy some naughty lingerie & make this day equally enjoyable! Oh, and if your non-significant other decides to choke during his/her Valentine's Day dinner...

Oh yea, don't take relationship advice from us! Overdue picture dump to CUM!

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