Friday, January 13, 2012


What a fucking season huh? Just when you thought we couldn't flip any more graphics, oh we did! I really hope ya'll can draw all the classic movie references we all enjoyed watching growing up (and NOT refusing to grow up after)! From Animal House to Teen Wolf, Revenge of the Nerds to The Shining I think Party All Night, Creep All Day caused some major fucking ruckus huh?

I sincerely hope you are all enjoying the new drop (seems like it lol) & that all our goodies are arriving safely in your mailboxes. I made sure to throw in some goodies as a small token of my appreciation. I know a lot of you have gotten the stuff you ordered, and a few of you are still waiting for that shit. We have a fucking epic volume of orders in queue - so know it's being processing but rest assured, it'll get to you REAL soon! That, or your new molester neighbor. Let's hope it's the first...

Damn Horror caps sold out in less than a week too..I fucking love you guys! Lucky for you slowpokes who didn't cop 'em our friends at PUNK.COM got a fresh stock & you Karmaloopers will be getting some more next week! We also got a special promotion coming up for you next week so those of you extra loyal creepers who check this blog know you're gonna get a nice little surprise in our next newsletter this weekend.

©Canadian Bacon via BODEGA

BOOM. Enjoy your weekend you fucks. The amount of n00dz & Panty Parade flicks from you ladies lately have been rather disappointing. You guys must hate FREE stuff... >:D


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