Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well, we gotta speciarRr DerRiverRryYy for you! (no racial hahaha but for real, fat kids are just fun to well, make fun of. Why? Cause they're fat!!)


IF YOU'RE NOT SEEING ANYTHING, REFRESH YOUR DAMN BROWSER! Here's a link you can copy and paste if the internet is still failing for ya:

As I mentioned before I left a few pics on my other hard drive as I rushed home for the holidays, so uhh excuse the hats section for now (but hey at least you can buy them finally right?!) Did I also mention I'll be shooting our fashionable late Holiday lookbook this weekend? Babes, it's not too late for you to come get wasted with us, get your picture taken with some creepy goodness on, and flash your titties! YAY!

Anyhoo, let me know if you experience any bugs or catch any typos my retarded ass missed. All orders will have tons of goodies added to them to apologize for both our tardiness & just because we want to show you how much we really love you guys. For realzies!

PARTY ALL NIGHT, CREEP ALL DAY! Button up New York, it's getting chilly...