Sunday, December 25, 2011



Well as I know most of you are enjoying your holidays as you should we at Creep Street wanted to wish all of you a Merry XXXmas, Happy Hannukkah, a Crazy Kwanzaa & all that fucking jazz! I had to red-eye it back to NY early this morning so unfortunately I couldn't finish the new shop last night like I had intended as a true Christmas gift to all you little fuckers. AND I was stuck with family shtuff all evening so it looks like it wasn't happening tonight either. FUCK right?! I know you've all been extra naughty and extra patient so you definitely deserve it! Don't worry I'm gonna hook all you up nicely to start the New Year off right!

The real good news is it's about to be up with the entire line, the bad news is I forgot to upload some key pictures of the hats from my other drive (but at least they'll still be for sale!). So please excuse the shop if it looks a little shitty!

Okay. So I will keep you all updated, and hopefully I'll get this baby bug free within the next 24 hours. And if you wanna come party as I shoot the Holiday lookbook this weekend, hit me up on twitter bitches you know what it is! Kinda psyched there's no snow in NY this December, but that doesn't mean you freaks still shouldn't drive safe!

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