Sunday, December 04, 2011


Well today is my last day being a resident in the city of Boston. Some crazy rad shit went down here in the last 6+ years I've been here that really helped make Creep Street what it is today. Haha Chip even taught me how to skate in this place! A real special shout out to my filthy family here: Hated of the World, Fadedstreets, Karmaloop, Orchard Skateshop, Boppo! BLVD Skateshop, LOT F, BODEGA, Agari Crew, Blood Creek, Mayan Tamang, & all the homies who've had my back since day one here. Oh yea, and all the babes on Newbury Street that made life living out of NYC a bit more bearable. I'm gonna miss molesting you guys... :(

I really hope you guys come creep the breast coast with me! Creep Street por vida! Is the Bay Area ready?!

Creepily Yours, Stay Faded.
-Ladykiller Changstein

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commodore sixty four said...

fuck the bruins fuck your fuckin pizza and fuck boston.(that town is full of racist irishmen)just look at that aryan chick giving the nazi salute! go penguins!