Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tattoo Tuesdays for Street Carnage YAY!

Any fan of traditional Americana style tattooing should have heard of a lovely young lady by the name of Ashley Love. Hmm...she's originally from North Carolina...lives in Brooklyn...gives cool tats...ummm...has a cute little dog? Oh you don't? Well, luckily enough Creep Street is here to introduce you! I actually met Ashley randomly with a group of friends at a bar in Greenpoint a few months back. My homie Brandon was blasting Slayer on vinyl, a couple of drinks were sank, and the night was on!

^That's Brandon. LOL.

And then suddenly some ladies sat behind us. Lurker status on, I quickly turned around. Some kind of voodoo magic just drew me in her direction. Was it the blonde locks? Those tattooed hands? Those vintage glasses? Her attempt to ignore me the entire evening?

I had purchased some prints off her Etsy few weeks before without putting a face to the name. I asked what her name was, and before she could say even mutter her last name I softly interrupted her by saying...Love?

Creepy right?! Surprising. I know.

Long story short, our non-existent romance was short lived as I left for Boston and she pursued her endeavours elsewhere with better suited men. Days turned to weeks. I would eventually reclaim her heart by simply coming up with some lame excuse to get tattooed in an attempt to be graced by her presence once more. Wait, that was a lie, I saw her randomly again at Enids a few months after our initial encounter, I panicked, ran away, and that was that.

So even longer story short, she zapped me up 2 weeks ago, got me pretty much naked during our first date, and then proceeded to bandage and nurse me in areas where the sun barely shed light. Talk about a True Romance! With a name like Ashley Love would you expect any less?!

So what is the point of all this horrible story telling? To showcase her work - duh! Hope you guys like her work as much as I do! :) Get some tatz biznatch!

And if you haven't seen this little snippet yet either (Ashley get's a little shout out)...

Ashley currently works out of THICKER THAN WATER TATTOO NYC
You can peep her site at: http://www.ohashleylove.com
And lurk her TUMBLR of course at: http://ohashleylove.tumblr.com

Tell her Boris the Mad Creeper sent ya! I'm getting pretty good at this "how-we-met" story telling thing aren't I? God I need a life...

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