Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So what can I say about's a Perverts Paradise?! Hahahahaha! Joking! Well sort of. I know some gnarly shit that goes on with Japan though (one of the few blessings of being born with chinky eyes lol), but that's another post in itself.

Palladium & Pharrell recently went to revisit Japan & did a nice little documentary talking to some Japanese creatives, musicians, and artists and seeing their perspectives on the tragedy, as well as their current views on Japanese society as a whole. Though I usually don't post about stuff like this (you got other blogs for that) – I fucking love Japan & thought this was worth sharing, so deal with it. Not everything has to deal with tits & ass okay? This is a clothing company ya know. Okay...everything sort of has to do with tits & ass that was a lie. Oh yea, and watch the other parts if you got the time.

My experiences with Japan & the Japanese people were one of both fascination & inspiration. "Remix Culture" essentially describes Japan best to a certain degree: taking something foreign, usually Western & re-interpreting it to suit itself. Funny enough the outcome always ends up in the creation of something uniquely Japanese.

Japan has one of the richest cultures in the world, with some deep rooted motherfucking history. It's good to see the country rebuilding itself (again). Many have a tendency to forget they survived 2 damn nuclear bombs too. I can say proudly that there is no other place like Tokyo, and that's real rad. The Creeps here send nothing but continued love & support & I can only hope to go back soon to a even radder Japan (if that's possible).

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