Wednesday, September 28, 2011


How many of you remember watching this movie as a kid? How many of you remember watching this at all?! I'm sure your parents remember the original B&W production but fuck it that one's too old. I've officially decided to rename our ONLINE CHOP SHOP to LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS! When we finally get a chance to re-design the entire site that is. Not only in honor of one of my favorite well, comedy/musical/romance/horror movies of all time, but also because Rick Moranis kicks fucking ass. He was also a Ghostbuster too in case you fools forgot (street cred son!)

Not to forget to mention that having a plant in your house that eats people is pretty fucking rad in itself. Especially the ones you don't like. Yep. So here's to the 80's cuz I fucking miss ya & cuz I'm getting old, cranky and tired of the internet. Except online porn, you are like the 2nd coming of Christ.

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