Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today's Music Mondays spotlight is actually a Creepette™, crazy Russian babe, and good buddy of mine. And by buddy I mean I've seen her naked, multiple times haha that's half true... o_O. Sveta currently lives in New York City, and has been making a bit of a buzz on the indie music scene with her smooth vocals & hearty lyrics. I decided to catch up with her since she was in town & do a quick Creep Street photoshoot (she had her nails all fancy and shit) for you all to enjoy.

1. They call me Sveta
2. I get money by making whimsical music
3. I rock some serious DIY hair & nails at all times.
4. I eat frozen yogurt like its my job.
5. I can speak russian
6. I will be a star
7. I love my family & friends
8. I hate being late
9. I take dance lessons
10. Creep Street is like the local shirtless guy that sits on his stoop blessing all the mamis that walk by.

1. Where are you originally from?
Odessa Ukraine, moved to Long Island when i was five with my family.

2. How do you like NYC? Do you ever miss Boston? If so what?
I LOVE New York City. i do miss Boston but "So Little" (see what i did there?) hah. I miss the friends I have left still living there. I want them all to move here.

3. Your voice is amazing, have you've been classicly trained?
Yah, i sang in chamber choir, all county womens choir, did lots of classical and american song book music. it gave me a huge foundation but i knew that wasnt my voice... do you know what i mean?

4. What instruments do you play? Which is your fave?
My favorite is obviously the voice. its the most portable, the most precious and fragile. i can dabble on piano...its what i use to compose my songs.

5. Tell us about what inspired your new EP One Big Scandal? How did you come up with the name?
Musical inspiration was a time period of purpose and simplicity. where instruments acted as voices and voices as instruments. One Big all the hidden messages someone can say without talking, the secrets you keep, the truth behind how view yourself in moments of a relationship/friendship etc. it demonstrates the confidence and strength one can have in their weakest moments and how they over come it. "dame" is an example of not allowing anyone take you for granted. if a womanizer exists...than a man eater can exist.

6. Any exciting projects in the works your fans should know about? 
I shot a music video for dame this summer, waiting on the final edits. so id say keep an eye out for that. im taking everything day by day, learning as i now im learning how to book a mini tour and have other states see my show.

7. Favorite hang out spot in NYC?
Absinthe (if you want to get with a "Dame like me" take a note from those babes), Simple Cafe, An Nhau, and good wine bar (those i keep a secret).

8. Favorite Restaurant?
my kitchen

9. 5 things you can't live without?
Friends& Family, my marble notebook, Butter Horse Fertilizer Nail Polish, my dog Carl, my keyboard.

10. When's our next date?
When i become a main bitch...i ain't no side bitch. ;)


Now go show her some love & go see one of her upcoming shows.
You won't be disappointed...Creep Street Approved!

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