Thursday, September 29, 2011


Wait that's Burger King's motto right? So uhhhhh...Brooklyn decided to get super gully again with this insane set-up! Outside a McDonald's! Dudes pass guns, pumps this guy 4 times, grazing him on the side of the head the first time...and then as he's rolling down the street like Dikembe Mutombo in the NBA Finals, one of the fools takes his shoes & jets! WTF?! Watch this shit. This ain't no "another day in the ghetto" scenario, this is the ghetto fucking sucking! I just wanted a Big Mac damn it!

via World's Best Ever

For some reason i can't get this 50 Cent song out of my head, no racial.


Pete said...

Pretty amazing how fast that area cleared out. And the cops were probably on their way to satisfy a Big Mac Attack.

Axeholes said...

As Huey Freeman would say...
It's just another "nigga moment".
Niggas making black people look bad yet again.