Wednesday, May 04, 2011


So these may be "no brainers", but I'll throw them out here anyway! When I started wearing heels I made the mistake of buying 6inch stilettos, as my first shoe. Regardless of how in love with them I was, the pain they brought my poor little feet for the first month was insane! So I learned a few tricks along the way, and gained a few more (0r 30) pairs of shoes/heels! So here are a few tips for all you shoe lovers out there!!

A chunky heel:
Although it's hard to deny Louboutin's, their practicality for every day wear is pretty slim. Although their long, and thin stiletto heel is one that cannot be denied... lets be real, after a while your feet start to hurt! This is why the chucky heel and wedge was invented!! Both styles have been perfected by Jeffery Cambell, Jessica Simpson (which her new shoe line is gorgeous!), Miu Miu, Charlotte Olympia, and yes even Christian Louboutin has a wedge!
So maybe you're wondering why I mentioned a chunky heel? Okay, here's the real tip! A shoe with a higher and thicker heel is actually more comfortable. With this being said, it is SUPER important that when you buy a chunky heel that you make sure it has a platform, otherwise you can strain your foot (how odd...)! The most common example of this is the well-known Lita shoe by J. Cambell.

On to the next one... stretching your shoes:
It's happened to all of us: you buy the PERFECT shoes in your size, or you see the perfect ones but they're half a size or a full size too small.... so you either ignore them or buy them, and after you buy them you realize they're just a little tight and end up giving your feet gross ass blisters or sores! So how do you solve this problem? Throw the shoe out? Waste your money!?!?! NO!!!!
Take two sandwich bags, fill them both with about 1/4 ofwater then stick them inside of your shoes. Lastly, stick them in the freezer and let them completely freeze. After that, take the shoes out and let them thaw completely. After all of that, your shoes should have stretched a size! This works best on leather shoes. :o) If this tip didn't help there are tons of other ways to stretch your shoes, this is just the easiest I've found!

Hopefully this works for you!!

xo taylor


Z. LaPorte Airey said...

lol that's not creepy but it's ok

TaylorLiz said...

haha I'm on the fashion side of creep, dude. :P