Tuesday, February 01, 2011


It's ALIVE! ALIVEeeEEe!! The first of 2 drops of some creepy-ass commercial shorts done by some rad friends of ours. Directed by Sean Mcleod and produced by Joe DiBenetto, WRONG NUMBER is reminiscent of a 70's style of films – dirty film stock with subtle Roman Polanski type music cues. We think they're onto something! Nevertheless we hope you enjoy their fun with Creep Street, as we were definitely psyched on what came of it! Sean even pumped out that rad fucking poster!!

Besides, shower scenes rule!

"Listen creep, you call here again and you're dead!!" LOL cracks me up everytime! Sextra shoutouts to creepy babes Estee, Felicia & Sara Green for they're touch of Radness. Stay tuned for next week's 2nd film drop!!

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