Wednesday, January 26, 2011


NOW - it's funny that a lot of you probably won't really remember watching Weekend at Bernie's (all you damn 90's babies) or remember how it was kind of the first movie of it's kind (not counting the inspirations), but I assure you that both the 1st and the sequel are well worth watching! Even just for that 90's comedy flair. But the real reason I'm talking about this shit is because my creepy cuzzin Poserdisposer threw this my way...and it just made me laugh because only last night was I thinking: "what happened to all those soulja boy do the superman, batman, lion king dances that set black people back 100 years back?!"

Well here's too another 50! It's pretty much a zombie crank dat dance of sorts. You will see your stupid little brother practicing it in the mirror. Don't worry he'll laugh at himself in 5 years, after all he was trying the jerk and the dougie, which at the end of the day, are fucking gay as hell as well.

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