Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Finally got a chance to update now that I've made it to Hong Kong. Mainland China is steady hating blocking Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Google yo! We got to fight, for our right to party!! So yea, sorry for the lag, been super busy so expect the Photo portion of the Lookbook to launch sometime this week as well. :\ MAYBE LOL.

Heading out to Tokyo Friday to finish off my Asia ahem* "business" trip the right way (this is for my other job in case you creeps are wondering) - but on any note, I hope you guys are having a great Hump Day and aren't falling asleep at the keyboard like I am!

And if you didn't already know! The NEW SHIT is up on our Online Chopshop so go cop some swag, all shipments go out Monday when I get my ass back to Americuhhhh! All pictures from my journey East when I return (hopefully). Creep fast, die last!

Love you!
- Ladykiller Changstein

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