Wednesday, November 17, 2010


1. They call me: Ali, unless theyre my friends, then its fag usually.
2. I get money by: working at Dunder Miflin, no bullshit.
3. I rock: sometimes
4. I eat: bacon, late bloomer.
5. I can: not dance
6. I will: try to dance
7. I love: recapping the previous night over a cig and coffee on the porch.
8. I hate: popcorn
9. I take: beer seriously
10. Creep Street is: pretty fuckin tight.

So I've known Ali for a hot minute now. And well, what can I say about this dude other than the fact that he pretty much is what I model Creep Skate after. Fuckit Ali IS Creep Skate. Works hard, lurks hard, and is never not in some sort of trouble (usually with the ladies). Ali runs


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