Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Mind as well do something uselful while I'm still looking like Sham-fucking-moo. No worries, swelling has gone down, jawline somewhat visible, and I can finally chew. Sure it took me 1 hour to eat a quesadilla but it was the best tasting shit I've had all week. I mean not the best tasting shit, cause I don't eat shit, but, oh nevermind. I can actually drink boost for just a milkshake now woohoo!! tryna to starve the kid but you can't hold this fucker down!

Extra creepy steezay for you today! I know you like the new banner....thank you, thank you... No thank you for helping us break 2000 views!! Keep spreading the word and make us THE BLOG to visit when your bored and perverted! We got some hot shit coming in so hold ya fucking dick fo a minute aiight?! Chip needs a beating again. Free T-shirt and sticker/button pack to the brave one willing to cop me his bike!!

So here's your pic of the fucking day for all you posers:


And here's your video for today for ya'll who ain't doin it right:

Holla fo' a Dolla,
B-Rad is Back!! (almost...60% functional jaw)

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