Sunday, April 29, 2007


Some of you might know that last Friday I got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled the fuck out. Fuck your crew this is real shit! ...Although Thursday night this was the only image that kept popping into my head:

It was actually a quick and minimally painful process. I mean it sucks when he's sticking like 15 shots in your gums but haha but all I could hear was this drilling, and blood splattering all over my face like a warm summer day. WOOHOO! A couple kick-clacks here, a couple of jaw pushes and pulls there, and I was good. Sort of. Actually, fuck that, I would never wish this procedure on anyone but guess what fuckers?! If you unlucky fucks haven't got em taken out already - it's gonna happen eventually! Besides, it's gonna get REAL ugly and complicated once ur 30, so laugh it up now bitches. HAHA!! Or you can save your infected decayed mouth for your girlfriend.

So trust me, your procedure will go nothing like this:

But at least I didn't turn out looking like this:

But this is the reality of it you pussies, you're going to bleed. A whole fucking lot.

And you're just gonna have to let it go...

But no fear...

Cause check out the current diet...

I drink a Boost for breakfast, and an Ensure for dizzart. No lie.

Fuck you.
B-Ronious Maximus (my face that is)

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