Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chip-Set: All that Jazz.

you may be askin' yourself - Ay CHip,

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well lotsa shit, but fuck all that cheap talk. How about you start droolin' over my new ride!

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yeah. get fuckin jealous!

so yeah. San Diego is lovely - sure it's no east coast city, but the weather is rad all year long, so you can't really fuck with that. Expect some epic tales from my future journeys to come.

Video of the day:

As if you needed some more evidence that The Ultimate Warrior is totally on our te Here he is fucking up Phil Collins, Enjoy!

& if ya don't know, now ya know...

"Normal people, the people that walk the streets everyday, we cannot understand!!! The family that I live for only breaths the air that smells of combat!!! How must I prepair, you must ask yourself: Should I jump off the tallest building in the world? Should I lay on the lawn & let them run over me with lawn mowers? Should I go to Africa & get trampled on by raging elephants?" - The Ultimate Warrior

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