Tuesday, March 13, 2007


FUCKIN EH! If ya haven't heard the werd, you must be still stuck in the fuckin burbs, so wake the fuck up and listen like up like I'm Malcom X, except my name isn't Malcom X. Chyea. So the first time I had Dippin Dots icecream was at Disney World in like 95 or sum shit. The most epic ice cream I've had - they finally brought it to the Brooklyn Museum (in Brooklyn dickface) a few years ago. But still Ya'll muthafuckas are sleeping on it! Not only is it cryongenically frozen its fuckin Kosher too (thanks DailyCandy)! So check it, now the site is up, and you can have theose muthafuckin mutli-colored ice ballZ delivered to ya doorstep. Tell em B-Rad sent ya bitchass.

Dippin' Dots ice cream can now be delivered right to your door! Enjoy the great taste of Dippin' Dots ice cream at your next party…it's just a few clicks away. We've put together party packages large and small, plus party favors, to make your event the one everyone will talk about! Here are some things you need to know before placing your order:

*Dippin' Dots can be delivered to your home or business Tuesday through Friday (Saturday delivery is available for an additional $10). Sorry, we cannot deliver on Sunday or Monday. If you require a Saturday delivery, please contact your local UPS terminal at 1-800-PICK-UPS (800-742-5877) to ensure that Saturday delivery is available to your zip code.

*Your order will be delivered via UPS next day service (UPS Priority Overnight). This service typically delivers the next business morning, but delivery may not occur until the next afternoon depending upon your zip code. For similar reasons, we cannot guarantee the exact time your ice cream will be delivered. You may want to check with your local UPS office for further details. Because ice cream is perishable, we only use overnight delivery service.

*Your order will be packed in dry ice (see dry ice handling instructions upon opening the box). THE PROPER SERVING TEMPERATURE CANNOT BE MAINTAINED IF REMOVED FROM THE CARTON AND PLACED IN YOUR HOME FREEZER. YOUR ICE CREAM WILL REMAIN FROZEN AS LONG AS: a) there is adequate dry ice inside the box (approximately 24 hours after arrival), b) dry ice is kept on top of the ice cream and, c) the container is kept in an environment of 70°F or below. Dry ice will dissipate when exposed to air. For your safety do not remove dry ice from shipping bag.

*Eat Dippin' Dots with plastic spoons (provided) only.


SO why does Creep Street like Dippin Dots? Cuz kids love it and its the ice cream of the muthafuckin future! except it's out now. yea...umm... whatever. And it also makes kids look like they're gobbling rainbow flavored jizz. oh my.

And if you're still sleeping, go peep the new shit by Fifty24SF doing there thang, Shouts to the kidz at Upperplayground. Though I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this, it's straight up Creep Street steezay and deserves to be purchased. Thanks to CHip-set for the intitial "pext." because picture text is too long.

Why?! Cuz me love you long time! Ebereeting?! Everything!!!!

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