Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chip-Set: Alexis.

So things have been getting a little squeamish here on the Creep Street blog lately. I'm here to change all that..

well, not really. but yo - check it!

I went to the book store the other day...

Now - I'm all for reading & shit, but fuck.. did people forget about that place that has hundreds of thousands of books of all types that are completely free to checkout & read.. it's called the Library!

I partially blame starbucks, & all that other shit for the pussification & overpricing of todays society. Let's grow some balls America.

But enough hating for now... time to get CREEPY!!!

I saw this magazine for sale... (yes, it was next to the Girls Magazine)

are you kidding?! Who's gonna read that shit.. i mean seriously. Plus it's pushing seven bucks.. there's not even enough pages to wipe your ass with that thing. I say if you're gonna drop that kinda loot on a magazine they better have some vaginal intercourse spreads in it.

Since we're talking about horses, it's only fair to introduce the creepy video of the day, enjoy!

Has anyone seen that new dude that Bush appointed to the military? I wish i was making this up.

Ya know, he does seem pretty rugged.. but I could have sworn i've seen this dude somewhere before...

Also, in case you didn't already know, B-Rex setup a Creep Street Myspace page. You should add us if you're not a loser.

Until next time homo thugs...

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