Friday, February 02, 2007


Dear friends,

It has come to my attention that we are not the only passionate ones who endorse the color purple. Just when you thought Hollywood...oh nevermind. And after watching 'How to Catch a Predator on Dateline'....things are VERY serious these days. Please, I'm trying my hardest not to sound as sarcastic as I'm actually sounding. BUT still, people, even when you take a motherfucker out with for 45 minutes - REMEMBER - that fucker deserved for he had not seen your Swarovski crystal encrusted savior! This is almost as bad as...BOSTON's BOMB SCARE!! AHAHahhAr sorry.


"protect your aunt, sorority sister, fiancee, roommate, teammate, co-worker, girlfriend, daughter..."

(I'm just quoting the site...get yours today!! THIS AINT NO JOKE (Rakim jumps in here)).

Editors note* you ever think it would be funny if someone tried to mug you...for your pepper spray?! Just a thought. Hmm. Ironic. Yep.

I also encourage you as an extra credit assignment to watch the RockDocs episode on Tupac Shakur (VH1). It is good.

Your fellow crime watcher,
Boris Chang Jr.

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