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If you haven't heard...

Two Boston artists were arraigned Thursday on felony charges relating to the bomb of an Aqua Teen Hunger Force promotion. Peter Berdovsky, 27, and Sean Stevens, 28, pleaded not guilty to perpetuating a hoax that sent Boston into a panic on Wednesday. Both were released on bail.

"I cannot state strongly enough the seriousness of this offense," district attorney Daniel Conley said in the Boston Herald.

In an apology on the Cartoon Network's Website for its late-night Adult Swim lineup, which includes Aqua Teen, an anonymous corporate voice sound very, very sorry."We apologize to the citizens of Boston that part of a marketing campaign was mistaken for a public danger," the statement read, adding the company understood "the gravity of the situation" and "deeply regret[ted] the hardships experienced as a result of the incident."

The boxes, which bear the likenesses of Aqua Teen's moon creatures, Ignignokt and Err, and in the light of a new day look a lot like Hasbro's old Lite-Brite boards, were mistaken for bombs, thus sending Boston on high alert.

The promotion entailed similar boxes being placed in nine other U.S. cities. Authorities began removing those boxes Wednesday without reported incident.

In an email obtained by ABC News, Berdovsky told friends Wednesday that "my boss at the Cartoon Network's ad agency just called—she is asking that I pretty please keep everything on the d-l [down-low]."

In court, the two men were slammed by prosecutors, and supported by friends. Online, messages of encouragement turned up on Berdovsky's still-accessible MySpace page.
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Man oh man. I mean, I GUESS it looked like a bomb. Even though it was up for weeks. And no one phoned in that it was a FUCKIN LITE BRITE! I swear this is why Boston is retarded!! Fuckin can't take the T without someone going bug-eyed cuz they never seen neon colors before. Damn red, navy khaki wearing muthafuckas!! haha. Good response to bomb threats though BOSTON, my props go to your exagerrated makeup for something that was around for quite while...Hi-5 Boston you win again!!

Your friend,
stuck in boston

p.s. i want one. ;(

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