Monday, February 19, 2007


So guess where I spent my President's Day weekend?!

Kidding! As a mattafact, I was back in the grime with my NYC fam! Shouts to the BROOKLYN CIRCUS fam, who I've had the pleaseure of meeting for the first time, and a special ubergay blog shoutout to Complete Technique!

So, let's see what I can babble about today while I munch on my very own:

Told you I was doing it big like Oprah's husband! And if you haven't already ladies, pick up a 143 Tee at!!

I ALSO heard the Hundreds were in Boston this past weekend, shouts to them and their new store opening out in Fairfax, and as always props to my Bodega, Karmapoop and Johnny Cupcakes familia. Kill the hype, eat the beast son!

Or you can just bunk it in the ass to really show em who'se the daddy.

I personally send my condoloensces out to all those who have had to work today, ie, in the freezing fucking cold (on the east coast that is), and if you ever bump heads with your boss again, you can either challenge him/her to this:

or just ask him/her to watch one with you.

And it just came to my attention that Stacy Keibler and Tiffany Amber Theissen is on a show "What about Brian."

Fuck Brian, what about Boris?!
And as for all my myspace friends:

APRIL 2007

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