Wednesday, February 14, 2007


It's all about fast love baby.
So considering you have made big plans with your cheating girlfriend, or have a boyfriend who has canceled plans with you because he made other plans with the other guys cheating girlfriend, I would like you personally wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. Now a bastardization of was once St. Valentine's holy's sort of like Santa & Christmas, I mean what the hell anything has to do with anything but AMericans still like it kinda steez. Fuck Cupid, unless it's the crumpin' one from the Gym Class video.

SO - with that in mind, here's what you do for the remainder of the day before your awkward dinner plans with 500 other couples, and corny romantic rendezvous:

10 things to do today, on Valentine's Day 2.14.2007:

1. (it is relaunched fuckers!)

2. Chill bitches! 1-800 flowers don't deliver till 11 do calm the fuck down.

3. Pretend to eat your coworker's cupcake and then spit it out in the bathroom.

4. Try not to hang yourself.

5. It's Wednesday, which means, well it doesn't really mean anything, but make sure you stop by Magic if you're in Vegas and holla at my homie Chip (representin with Andy Howell holdin it down) and all em streetwear cats.

6. Keep it street, but keep it creep!

7. Get Money.

8. Call your mom and wish her a happy V-day. dicks!

9. K-Y is on sale! woohoo. holla at ya CVS.

10. Go fuck yourself!

Get an eagle!

Yours Truly,
Boris Chang Jr
Crypt Keeper

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