Friday, September 22, 2006

CHIP-SET: B-Blockin' it!

Hey assclowns. Peep the promo for B-Blocks upcoming banger. Buddies from back east, Albany NY skate scene in full effect. You know they bring the Creep to the streets.

oh yeah, today's by birffday. Give it up fuckers, I feel fucking old (25) I would like a primo chica who's up on some model steez who will greet me with a basket of soft tacos for my birthday. Will someone please make it happen?!!! also, Gino Ianucci wants to be my friend on Myspace, how fucking stoked am I?! On a side note; please note the usage of cali words recently added to my vocabulary. Expect more crusty words in my next post (with pics) on how large I'm livin' it in the O.C.

ps big up's to Skip-One over at the Militree camp for showing creep street some love, good peoples, good peoples - It's only a matter of time before I set up shop on his couch and start eating all his food.

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