Sunday, September 24, 2006


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So it's been a while. And before I catch another serious case of ITIS...Let me get this update to ya that's been constipating me for the last few weeks. Apparently Chip enjoys this banner better than my blinding neon one. Can we take a vote please??!!

AND apparently Chip has a super rad life out in the West, and Boston can only get progressively WORSE. Oxymoron?! That's Boston for ya.

ANND people in Boston often complain about their old ass apartments (so-called historical landmarks)...especially when it comes to mice they LOSE IT! And i thought NYC was bad. But if you were pimp like me, you could easily live mice-free with this badboy:

Or a bat will suffice.

But I'll try to keep my glass half full for the time being.

I said TRY okay?!

In the meantime...
Getting hyped putting in the designs for 2007 New Year's Launch. Don't worry we'll get our promo stuff out to ya's before that. So let's just get psyched togetherRRR yea?! YEA!

So this post is gonna be a bit scatterbrained, but hopefully you will come out with a "it was worth it" kinda feeling. Better than crack baby, what you thought?!


As we all know Paris Hilton launched her debut album not too long ago. Guilty pleasure, I do want to bone the hell out her. Well, a photo-op I guess will do for the time being.

Ofcourse if you don't already know, BANKSY had his fair share of opinions...Make sure you go check out his exhibition. Couldn't have said it better myself.

While on the topic of opinions, Ji Li's Bubble Project well, made me laugh. Now take this project further before it gets stupid. Cuz It's starting to get corny!

And as rad is this guy is (you might have seen his cameo in quite a few crunk videos) He goes by Johnny sumthin...Can't help but say he's a creepass mofo alright.

Funny thing is, he was prolly working here before he started making fronts...IT'S THE BUFFET OF THE CENTURY!!

And speaking of atrocious bling - look what I spotted in Frisco. I really hate that city. OKay, Frisco's aiight, but this ain't.

And while on the topic of Bling and Chicks, this is what I will obtain HOPEFULLY, when CREEP$TREET debuts. Who says you can't have both at the same time, or on one another, or just whatever sumthin like that...?!

Maybe after all that fame, I can turn out like this bad ass! How many of you remember this motherfucker from RENEGADE?! Bobby Sixkiller MOTHERFUCKAS. Fuck, I think I might just put him on a shirt!

AND speaking of BADASSES, I want to introduce you guys to the new CREEP$TREET TEAM!

But it's not always about us in this blogmajoggy...I want to give a special shoutout to some cat's really creepin it out there...

CHECK OUT THIS EXCLUSIVE SHIT. You thought ALIFE's new line was butter, check out these limited tees from HOOD PREP!

If you can only imagine how hard I'm trying not to laugh...naw but props to these cats hustlin to get that paper! Remember to keep it street and classy with these tees...

Was that mean? Im sorry. those hood rats will hopefully buy our shit instead. EeCK.

And speaking of buying shit, I think I need these in my life!


WAVE* from the Creep $treet Killahs for now....after all kids, Halloween is right around the corner. Hope you had a happy birthday drivin in 8 hour traffric to Vegas Chip, maybe by the time you get back I can wish you a happy 26th birthday.

FUCKIT. It's getting late. I'm going to my favorite cafe for now...

peace out sphincter boys! keep it creep ya'll.

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