Monday, August 14, 2006

Chip-Set: Ragin' off the Realness

Hey Everyone, welcome to Creep Street. So this is the deal. Boris & Myself currently reside in Boston, both New York natives. I will shortly be relocating out west to Cali. Creep Street will a medium between both east & west coast from our perspectives. Boris will hold down the big east, while I will tackle the wyld west. Hope you enjoy the ride!


I'm still not exactly sure how I feel about my current hair du. Most ON POINT thing ever, or overwhelming proof that my mom should have had an abortion.. either way I look like a fucking barbarian *Please note, the ill faded attempt at a rat tail & a botched hole in my head thanks to Boris.

Keep Richard Simmons away from your pets, or else he will make out with them.

Hey Sneaker Nerds, get a life! Sorry for that.. but check it. What chu know about some Never released Q-Tip/Tribe Midnight Marauders Puma Match sneakers. While you're busy droolin' over your computer screens searching on dumb message boards I'll be ripping some mean ollie holes in these mofo's - HATE!!!

When heads see these shits right here they're instantly mesmerized (rightfully so) People are always askin' me where I get my fly shit. A true master never revels his secrets, but i'll drop some wisdom on the seeds & just let em' know "bout 15 years ago"

So I know it's a bit hard to see what this is, but it's essentially a mini golf set up you can use when you're taking a shit.. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda feelin' it!

Speaking of turds.. if you're ever in Chinatown & you want some fresh crap, holla at cha boy!

I Don't know how this post all of a sudden turned SHITTY (pun INDENDED..not funny.. okay moving on), but I swear this is the last of the fecies references. I recently went to this water slide park up in New Hampshire.. I was blown away by how many rugged hood-ass people were there.. shit wasn't cheap either. Maybe they give you a free admission upon release from prison.. anyway I'm babbling.. How dope of a shirt is this?!

If you need to get at me, just follow the signs.

aYO, welcome to MAH BLOCK! Thankfully not for long. I'll be trading in my switchblade for some sunscreen. Never-ending summer in full effect!

I Knew it!! Now all we need is Hanson to come forward & admit they have vaginas.

uh.. yeah.. welcome to Boston.

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Jackie O said...

This is my dream come true...