Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chip-Set: Gettin' Defiant!

I had origionally posted these on my other site, but I figured that Creep Street is the new hot shit, so I moved some of my favorite posts ovah huRR

I like this guy.. we shared a bus ride together.. I couldn't help but wonder what he was writing on those index cards... He was in a state of deep contemplation (as you clearly can see) while jotting down notes every once and a while. I sorta wanted to follow him just to see where he'd take me.

For some strange reason, I sort of admire his "I don't give a fuck" attitude, but man... be a little more selective. I'll be the first to admit I'm feelin' Rugrats.. but obviously not as much as this dude. The random blue paw print has me wondering if he might be a fan of Blue's Clues... the world may never know...

So South Boston "Southie" has a known presence of Irish Mob activity that has been documented for years. I don't recommend walking on the beach there, unless you want to find a human knee cap chillin' Maybe I'll find some washed up body parts on the beach when I get to Cali... one can only hope.

I can't get enough of these rip-off spoof t-shirts you find in your local hood shopping mart. They are precious. My entire wardrobe would consist of these gems if they made human sizes... I don't do ghetto gowns... sometimes you can find a decent size in the kids section.. if your local thug store even has one.. If not, just go to Harlem -they'll lace you up just right..

Tattoos are SO HOT right now. Peep the chinatown treasure, Tom Cruse on a desplay case reppin a mean tribal rose, SICK!!!

You can always rely on your local ghetto corner store to find some rad bootleg items..This is like the Hood rendention of Smacks, complete with a poor man's "Digg'em" I bought the stuff solely on that thuged out frog throwing up gang signs... he's obviously a blood..

While we're on the subject of food. What chu know bout DINO BITES?! These shits right here have been holding me down all month.

Okay now, SERIOUSLY... Now I know why all these unemployed people in America don't get jobs... cause there's way too much good shit on TV during the day time.. I mean how can you possibly look for a job when you've got THIS on your screen.

"A Bronx Tale" was right, the working man IS a sucker...

Okay, I'll have a Baja Chalupa, nacho supreme, & 3 strippers in booty shorts to go... oh yeah. & some of those cinnamin twist things too.

I saw this documentary on this dude who weighs 750lbs It was the saddest / funniest shit I've seen in a hot minute. this dude is defiant as fuck.. you'd think when you've been bed ridden for the past 6 years and they need an industral cattle mover to get you out of your house that you'd try to watch what you eat..NAHHH - not this dude! His toothless girlfriend was caught sneaking him potato chips and hamburgers in the emergency room. That's the definition of "Ryde or Die Bitch" if I ever heard one.

Remember back when Bush & all those clowns were out looking for WMD's... they should've just asked me.. Saddam's been riding the subway with me for months now, here's a quick cell phone pic of him.

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