Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chip-Set: A Crave Case of Blood Money from the Krazy Cave.

From the same streets that brought you the infamous "STOP SNITCHIN" shirts. You know you're livin' the trife life when every corner on your block is covered with mobb deep posters that say "BLOOD MONEY" in huge letters. I'm gonna miss my hood.

Boston Bum Bath, A Bathing Bum, whatever you wanna call it. Homeboy gets his scrub on in the Copley fountain.. and YES, he's wearing tapered blue sweatpants!!!

Fuck yes.

aYO, What chu know bout Creature Kids from the Krazy Cave?!

This picture was taken just seconds before the major chomp session went down. What's more appetitizing than a cardboard box briefcase full of mini hamburgers. The answer is: LOTSA SHIT!!! but whatever, that nite was epic.

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