Monday, February 24, 2014


I hope you all had a great weekend. What a fucked up week it was for us! Think we all reached a new level of stoned too, so HI-5! I usually go to Vegas twice a year to see all the homies (Agenda & Magic tradeshows), re-connect with some babes, network with some people & check out what everyone's up to & wearing (or not wearing). I think it's safe to say that every single trip back has been unique in itself. Whether it be who decides to crash in my hotel room, or the time we manage to leave the strip club - our Tradeshow experience is always a little different. I won't get into stories because we want you to go and make your own but I will tell you this: nothing will ever be the same when you get home...

NO REGRETS ever though! Vegas nights are where friendships are forged. Speaking of friends, I also decided to take a surprise drive to LA straight from Vegas over the weekend cuz im like, totally "YOLO" like that. I personally needed to make sure we were caught up with all our pending shipments since we were getting swamped with a thousand " yo, where the fuck is my shit?!" emails. LOL! Little did we know what floodgates we'd open with our V-Day promo! We're glad most of you got or are getting the couples socks, and for those who slacked & ordered later you probably missed out! But I, Boris, am a kind and gentle ruler – still made sure you got hooked up with SOMETHING cool! So apologies for the wait, I went and cracked the whip on my shipping team because you creeps & creepettes are my life & I will have no one stand in the way of that! Guess having "cool" kids on your staff also means you have to deal with their stoner attitudes and "whatever everything's all good enjoy the weather" mentalities. Ugh! Damn California, don't you know us New Yorkers are crazy & want things done yesterday lol?!

We're not completely done yet but everything is on it's way! We're also moving into a newer, super official warehouse space too so stay tuned for that! With Instagram and twitter and all that bullshit I'm sure you guys barely have the time or patience to read this shitty blog, but for those who still do, we love you & wish you a week of greatness. Oh and I finally shot a lovely set with long time Creepette Candace Campbell as well, can't wait to edit those as well!

With so many projects in the works as well as our new season materializing, there's only one thing to do this week - fuck shit up! ;)

Boris "Ladykiller" Changstein Jr., Esq.

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