Thursday, January 09, 2014


Growing up is cool. Fuck that, growing up sucks. Bills, relationships, RESPONSIBILITIES. So fucking lame. If you're like us, then Nickelodeon was probably a big part of your childhood. I'm talking about Double Dare, Doug, Clarissa Explains It All, Hidden Temple yada yada the list goes fucking on. So it's funny when we came across the 2005 photo of Nickelodeon studios when it closed...

What a fucking drag. All good things come to an end, but we'll always remember you! I think the studios are in Hollywood & NYC now or some shit. But checking out the wiki I found something super cool!

"A time capsule buried by the network in 1992 in front of Soundstage 18 was removed in August 2006 and later paved over. It contained items deemed important to the children of 1992 as voted upon by Nickelodeon viewers, including bubble gum, NES and SNES cartridges, a skateboard, a history book, a comic book, a phone book, a world atlas, news reports from Desert Storm, news reports from the AIDS Crisis, a Home Alone VHS, a Back to the Future VHS, assorted photographs of bicycles, trains, cars, politicians, and celebrities, a piece of the Berlin Wall, lead pencils, theOrlando, Florida TV Guide from the week of April 30, 1992, a baseball, a Barbie Doll, a Nintendo Game Boy, a Nicktoons t-shirt, Michael Jackson CDs, MC Hammer CDs, Twinkies, an issue of Nickelodeon Magazine, Rollerblades, a can of Nickelodeon Gak, Reebok Pump sneakers, and a copy of the Book of Endangered Species."

It was moved to the Nickelodeon Hotel resort in Florida in 2006 and will be opened in 2042. Will we even still be alive?! Shit! Time to take the grandkids on a vacation! Do they even still make GAK?!

Shout out to Mark Summers. Makes me a bit teary eyed. Shall we bury a Creep Street time capsule?! Hmmm...

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