Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I remember in 1st grade we had this thing in Computer Class (fucking up Carmen San Diego on them Commodores) called "October is Computer Learning Month." Kind of ironic in retrospect being that every hour these days is computer learning time. Any fucking way what the hell am I even writing about again?! Right. So they had a poster contest for it. I was all into art and shit at a early age (explains all my emotional issues presently) so obviously I killed that contest. The cool part was I wasn't even trying to win that bitch.

In case you didn't believe me: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/computer-learning-foundation-announces-14th-annual-computer-learning-monthr-in-october-73020012.html

So I pretty much drew a computer monitor in pencil, outlined it with those ghetto pilot ink pens (Pilot used to the shit btw before Bic got all Jay-Z on us) with a keyboard drawn in perspective (next level shit I tell ya), and on the monitor were the words "October is Computer Learning Month" inside a batman sign. Damn right that's pretty much all I drew. Batman signs. Shit. Killed it I tell you. Wish I had a picture to show you. I won some kind of pennant and a certificate. Swear to god life was so easy cuz winning that kind of shit went a long way. Adults aren't happy with shit these days that don't end with vagina or dollar signs. I digress again. I wonder if I actually threw the poster away. Hopefully it's rolled up somewhere back in NYC. And yea, this post really has nothing to do with computers.

HAPPY CRAPPY OCTOBER you fucking dip shits! Who gives a fuck about Octoberfest & beer when I went ahead and did a store-wide markdown on almost every single damn item. CREEP STREET SALE?! Enjoy it.

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commodore sixty four said...

Fuck yeah!I logged a lot of hours on California games,Dragons Lair, and Spy hunter too