Monday, October 21, 2013


It really is a Indian Summer. And it's tight. Just like this song. Amazing when you're sober, even more amazing when you're high. Not much is known about Blood Cultures other than they represent Jersey, have a pretty cool hipster band name, and this dude's vocals melts chicks panties. And you bet I was playing this shit to the ladies all weekend long! And a awesome weekend it was - saw lotsa familiar faces, some friends got hitched, and New York City Autumn smelled so sweet. While California is pretty rad, I really can't wait to bring Creep Street back to the place it all started...

With Halloween creeping right around the corner, it only means 1 thing: Creep Street Contests! We wanna see those Carved Pumpkins & Wacky Costumes! Watch your inbox and social mediaz for deets kids!

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