Monday, September 16, 2013


Officially in Zombie mode. Still checking 1 months worth of backed up emails. Do you know it also took me half an hour to replace a ceiling lightbulb? WTF. Starting to believe something is a bit wrong with my life. As if the signs weren't obvious already...

So I finally bought some long overdue plane tickets back home to NYC. Bought some Kanye West tickets (really for Kdot lol) too. Then I realized how depleted my bank account is, and how much fucking people owe us money so I partied too hard this weekend to ease away the pain. How does one do 2 afterhours parties in 1 fucking night?! Disgusting. And now it's almost 6 am. The plus side is them Keane Mac dudes restored my recently deceased hard drive this past week. They fucking rule.

Hope all you guys had a awesome weekend & enjoyed our evil little Friday the 13th contest & promo code! I'll post the 4 finalists (thank all of you who participated) tonight for ya'll to vote for your favorite! Pick one dammit, don't be doing that I like this one & that one bullshit.

Even though I've been listening to heartbreak Drake for the last 24 hours (not ashamed to admit) I figured I'd hit you with some chiller stuff from Thee Oh Sees to start this week. You'll find out Thursday why I chose this song for Music Mondays. Anyways, the weather is starting to finally warm up a bit here in SF, and it still seems kinda warm back home in the East so don't forget to lurk the Little Shop of Horrors before stuff sells out! ENDLESS SUMMER BABY! #AmericasMostHaunted


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