Monday, September 23, 2013


Happy Murder Monday! Let's not kill anyone till after 3pm ok? First & foremost I wanted to go and congratulate the winner of our Friday the 13th Tattoo contests. The voters have chosen! With over 360+ votes cast for our finalists it was a pain in the ass to count but exciting as shit to see!

Hi-5 BOLDSHOLDS you nailed it! But he's not the only winner! We're gonna have a nice little 'Back 2 Ghoul' Sale to on our online shop this week as well so keep your eyes peeled cuz we know how much you love a good creepy deal!


On a serious note a good friend of ours was robbed at gunpoint and unfortunately shot multiple times when exiting a club this weekend with some of his friends. It really shows how crazy & random things get no matter how careful or good you are as a person. We all love to party, and always encourage people to take it to the next level, but frequently it boils down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. People will always fight, rob, steal, kill. Mostly for no reason. We are a destructive species by nature, but strangely enough extremely constructive & compassionate beings as well. The world is a fucked up place, it's what we do in our own little worlds that will define us and influence those around us. Hopefully for the better. Why the hell do you think I post boobs & butts so much? Stupid joke, I digress.

Our friend luckily is fully stable & will make a swift recovery with non fatal wounds. It's shaken a few of us up, mainly because a lot of our team have experienced the street life growing up, and some are still immersed in it one shape or another. There's a unspoken code & rules to a lot of things we do & it's bigger than being just a clothing company (which is why we can't stand half these trendy companies & their fakeass owners). This isn't so much about a unfortunate event as it is just a encouragement to continue to live life, love life, and to keep positivity flowing. We all know a stranger can become a best friend, just as a best friend can become a stranger overnight. It isn't about guns or violence or inducing fear into the public about going out late night, but a sad reality that people need to face. As for the fuckboys that ran up on homie, karma is a bitch, remember that. We love you dude, we have a blunt rolled for ya too - waiting to see you soon so we can make fun of you again.


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