Sunday, August 11, 2013


We've always had these crazy ideas to explain to you guys the inspirations and processes behind everything we did but well – were just too damn lazy to. Today I have 5 minutes to kill & a pretty picture to share so I figured I'd take some time out today from cleaning the apartment. When we made this fun little top it was a pretty simple concept. Nothing crazy, nothing revolutionary, just a dark but awesomely cute crop tee for the bitches. Skeleton hands grabbing your tits! Mind blowing right? And why not name it after a Ramones song?! So I kid you not we made a shitload of these. The black ones obviously sold out pretty quick. And then I got worried. What the fuck am I gonna do with all these white ones?!

A little more than a week ago we sold out of the creme colored joints as well! Not really a big deal I just wanted to brag about Creep Street being the coolest company ever & provide some text to go with the picture below. Will we restock them as many of you ladies have asked? The answer is always MAYBE.

Stay Creepin'! :)

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