Monday, August 26, 2013


This video & song is fucking cultastically amazing.

How is everyone doing? Skipped a whole damn week of blogging (as if you really noticed) due to a shitfuck schedule. So last week many of you probably know by now America's Most Haunted had officially launched on the Little Shop of Horrors. I had a crap load of technical difficulties due to an outdated browser & slow ass fucking old computer which had prevented the launch from happening at Midnight. Let's not even mention some family came into town from NYC whom I had to entertain amongst the madness. Nevertheless thank you again (especially to those who have stayed up past midnight) for all your patience.

And then there was motherfucking facemelter Vegas. Agenda & Magic hit the boxing ring to see who could pull the most fashion traffic this August, and it seems like Agenda pulled a fast right hook & took the fight. It wa good to see the homies & the babes of course, but I'm glad to be back. Honestly too old to party the way we continually do in the City of Sin, but you know when in Rome...

Another big announcement is that I, Ladykiller Changstein will no longer be shipping out your orders with handwritten labels and packages! :( As sad as I am to not personally hand pack most of your orders I'm happy to say the reason is we have a new shipping warehouse! This means automatic tracking added to all your orders, faster customer service, and me having more time to look at your awesome n00dz in the inbox.

See? Everyone wins! Be sure to direct any online store inquiries to We still have a NO-RETURN unless defective or incorrect policy so don't be an asshole & read all product descriptions carefully!

And don't forget to use code HAUNTED10 at checkout! It's valid till Saturday, August 31st so take advantage of that extra 10% OFF your entire order! I'll finally be posting up sexy pics from the London shoots this week as well. Summer ain't over yet so let's get Creepy! Enjoy your week ladies & gentlemen! I will try my best to get back to all your emails as well!

Boris Ladykiller Chngstein Jr., Esq. aka Beef Twerky aka Mily Cyrus' tongue.

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