Monday, July 22, 2013


In total zombie mode today so perhaps this epic song might liven things up a bit. Not only are we transitioning shipping facilities (woOo! upgraded logistics lol), but we're also making room for all the late summer goodness! There is a light at the end of a tunnel. Running a business sucks! I'm pretty good at keeping things under wraps until launch date but I might just have to tease ya'll over the next few days since you've all been so well behaved! Depends how alive I am I guess – or how many boobs & butts you fine ladies send to the Creep Street inbox?? Have a great week and don't kill anyone. Cause who really has time to clean that shit up?!

Oh and if you haven't checked the GHOSTPIZZA blog for pics from their SF trip as well as the Chippy Nonstop show be sure to creep it! Whole lotta butt & boob jugglin' going to that night. Pow pow now go back to work you lazy fuck.


Anonymous said...

Hey did y'all know this chick is sporting a creep street shirt in her video?


Hahaha that's our baby Jenna Marblez! :)